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Vidya is a series of some of the finest single barrel cane spirits from across the globe entwining the rums with the heritage of their origin via a traditional anecdote or folklore. These unique and artisanal rums are sourced from single distilleries and are elevated by their scarcity and history.

The term ‘Vidya’ is a word from ancient Sanskrit which stands for clarity, knowledge and learning.
The old world was also a time where anecdotes, myths and legends were told. They would usually have a moral at their core about their surroundings to tell newcomers.

This is how Vidya Rum was born. Vidya Rum aspires to showcase some of the finest of the spirit category. This is done in a way to give knowledge and clarity about the rum to the drinker alongside a particular custom from where the rum originated.

Technical Information

Distilled at New Yarmouth, Jamaica
100% Pot Distilled in June 2005
100% Ex-Bourbon cask aged
Limited Edition of 255 bottles
ABV: 61.5%


Deep Golden Amber


Fruity and typically funky Jamaican nose. Banana, coconut, strawberries and notes of varnish.


Spicy oak and vanilla accompany the fruit discovered on the nose. Mint, coconut, raisins. Funky, medicinal, fresh and fruity.


SFJW (NYE/WM 1300-1400)


First 7 years spent aging in Jamaica. Filled into once used bourbon casks on 16th May 2012 and shipped to the UK for further maturation. Shipped to Denmark in December 2017 before being bottled in October 2020.


Legends of the River Mumma goddess have been whispered throughout Jamaica for centuries. Once feared and revered, she guarded rivers such as Rio Minho which runs alongside the New Yarmouth distillery, acting as the protector of the fish and animals who live there.

In the early days of slavery, many would sacrifice to River Mumma to seek protection from drought or to cross one of her rivers. Some even said they had seen her sitting on a rock beside the river, combing her black hair with a sparkling golden comb. Seldomly however would anyone return with stories of seeing River Mumma as she would draw them to the river with her enticing comb and then pull them into her watery depths.

The unique artwork tells the story of River Mumma, who still haunts Jamaica’s rivers today. As you follow the label round you can glimpse her guarding her river beneath the stars. But as the bottle turns she disappears, leaving only her golden comb. Dare you follow where she leads?

Hidden Gems

Jamaican Tody

Native to Jamaica and predominantly green, this bird is quite small (Todus todus) and feeds on insects, larvae and fruit. They usually nest in burrows in rotten wood and muddy river banks. They are quite common across the island but can be difficult to spot due to their size. They are not shy birds and usually travel in pairs in their habitat.

Lignum Vitae

Known for its incredible strength and durability this wood has been exported to Europe from the Caribbean since the 16th century and is now believed to be a potentially endangered species. Translated the name means ‘wood of life’. It is claimed it was given this name due to its medicinal qualities. The body, gum, bark, fruit, leaves and blossom all serve some useful purpose including providing cures for coughs and arthritis. The purple flower that grows from this tree is also the national flower of Jamaica.

Doctor Bird

This swallow tail humming bird (Trochilus Polymus) is native to Jamaica. They have iridescent and beautiful feathers which stream behind them as they fly. They have been spoken of in Jamaican folklore for hundreds of years. The name has a variety of different origin stories. Our favourite is that there was a belief the bird had magical powers as it was the reincarnation of dead souls. A song in folklore which expressed this sentiment had the phrase ‘Doctor Bud a cunny bird, hard bud fi dead’ which translates roughly to ‘Doctor Bird a clever bird, a hard bird to kill.’

River inspiration

The inspiration for the River came mainly from The Rio Cobre. There are a number of bridges over the river the oldest of which only date back to around the 18th century. Therefore, back when rumours of the River Mumma were rife, there was no way to cross the river safely without her blessing. She was also said to guard the Rio Minho which passes a few hundred metres from the New Yarmouth distillery.

Legend of the Golden Table

Another fable is told of days gone by in Jamaica around the 16th Century. It is whispered that as the Spaniards left Jamaica, they placed a golden table in a river to be guarded by the River Mumma until they returned to claim it. Legend states this table briefly rises to the surface, close to the river bank to show passers-by its golden beauty. The stunning sight would mesmerise whoever saw it and then leave them with an obsession to obtain it. The River Mumma would also appear and try to entice passers-by to attempt to take the prize by saying “place two hands on the table and it will be yours.” Would you reach for the table?


The illustrations for Vidya’s ‘The River Mumma’ were designed by up and coming British artist, Aaron Godwin-Lamptey.
Aaron has a desire for story telling and utilises his love of traditional painting with a modern twist. His work is characterised by bold colour and strong imagery to create powerful and socially-conscious narratives. His illustrations for ‘The River Mumma’ exemplify Aaron’s unique style and dreamlike and mysterious qualities he evokes.

As part of Aarons vision, each mermaid tails colour palate is different on every label, ensuring the uniqueness of each bottle.

Listen out for the whispers of VIDYA from other countries soon

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